ASC provides services that meet or exceed client expectations at competitive prices in the following areas:
Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)
Combined MIP/HPT (MiHpt)
Hydrogeologic Testing
Soil Conductivity Logging

ASC is an environmental field services company providing technical expertise in the area of field investigation. ASC personnel assist in all phases of surface and subsurface characterization, environmental property assessments, and soil and groundwater remediation. ASC‘s team members have extensive field experience from initial assessment through the design and installation of remediation systems to receipt of "No Further Action" directives from regulatory agencies. ASC assists environmental consultants in obtaining high definition site characterization data through the use of innovative technologies to allow them to obtain a better understanding of contaminant distribution in relation to lithology. ASC implements many of Geoprobe Systems® Direct Image® tools, which were developed determine lithologic changes and track VOC plume by taking a snapshot of the subsurface with minimal disturbance of the subsurface and without removal of soil or groundwater. With Direct Image® tools, consultants are able to evaluate a site in one site visit allowing the infield professionals to make real-time decisions.

ASC can cost effectively provide 3-D imaging of contaminant mass distribution in relation to lithology as well as site landmarks. This 3-D imaging capability allows consultants and their clients to gain a better visual perspective of the contaminant distribution.

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