ASC can provide infield hydrogeologic testing services. ASC can conduct standard and pneumatic slug testing. Slug testing is completed through the use of a Geoprobe® Systems GW1600 Pneumatic Slug Test Kit. The system provides high-quality data for accurate determination of formation hydraulic conductivity (K). The slug test kit is self-contained and is easily taken from site to site. In pneumatic slug testing, the well head is sealed and air pressure is used to displace/lower the water level. As air pressure in the well is increased, the water level falls until the water pressure "up" and the air pressure "down" are equal. Once the water level is stable, a release valve is quickly opened, instantaneously releasing the air pressure. The water level recovers (rising head test) without splashing and the pressure transducer and data logger/computer record the changes in water level and time.
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